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tick tick tick..... Ten years without a website...!?

This site was closed in 2007 due to my failing health a series of sudden family tradgies. 3 times over the last 10 years I have made announcemences that said " yay! i am back....' only for my health to fail again. Sadly, I have learnt over these last ten years (& a lot of poeple have also know this face too well!),  that lightning can - and does - strike the in the same place more than ones.

So... its taken me a long time to find a balance:-

Being "not well" may now by the norm for me - but hey...f'ck it!

The amazing Turbulence.org once likend me to " Freida Kahlo with an iPad..."- so i say -  Yes please!!!!

Osteoarthritus? Me and Michelangelo both sitting in that Venn Diagram Lol!:-P

Thankfully, i am not in my wheelchair because of cancer...unlike Henri Matisse. Yet if he could see his last 14 years as "une seconde vie" can see however long i have, in such an proactive light. Bring it on!

Am i back..? I have no idea..!

But i remembered i want to be a flaneur...so lets watch!

tick tick tick...

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